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Hi! I’m Peter, and you’re on my homepage. Yes, it’s an old phrase, but this place is my home on the internet, so it’s rather accurate. I gave up on social media, and retreated to a version of the internet before MySpace, and I’m trying to encourage people to do the same.

Sometimes I tinker with linux, embedded, and internet things, then write my findings under the IT section. Travelling & braindump content are under journal, photos at photo, while notes contain replies and miscellaneous entries.

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RE: https://adactio.com/journal/14509

I very much like the idea of a uniform algorithm for this - similarly to https://indieweb.org/post-type-discovery. During that session the list on https://spdx.org/licenses/ came up as a source for licence indication - unfortunately neither rel=“licence” nor microformats seem to be offering a way to indicate a machine readable licence indicator yet. It might be beneficial to include a proposition for that along with the algorithm.

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The tea house building of Dojo Stara Wies

Shutter speed
1/400 sec
Focal length (as set)
85.0 mm
ISO 80
K or M Lens

On my attempt to re-create a photo I mistakenly shoot as video - and therefore only have it in a small resolution1 - I got up early on my second day during our visit to Stara Wieś as well.

No rain, no sleet, lovely sunshine. And cold. And wavy water surfaces. As a result I wasn’t able to re-shot the image, but at least I found another perspective to show the surroundings of the tea house.

  1. https://petermolnar.net/dawn-at-dojo-stara-wies/